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CE EN149:2001


CE EN149:2001

  • FFP1,FFP2

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Product Information

MEIXIN Disposable Respirators

Fearures and benefits:

Low breathing resistance for more comfortable feel to wearer.

Adjustable plastic nose clip and soft foam nosepiece provide a custom fit.

Exhalation valve reduces hot air buildup and easy breath in hot/humid environments.

Covered with active carbon pre-filter against nuisance level organic vapors.

Horizontal foldable design for easy carry and packed individually to avoid contamination.

Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009.


Packge options

The disposable respirators available in color box package and blister packaging.

Blistic package are ideal for the retail sector and trade counters.

The disposable respirators can be packed in attractive color box with User Manual in.

The respirators be packed in a poly bag which keeps the masks hygienically clean and allows for better storage and control over dispending in the workplace.

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