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CE EN149:2001


CE EN149:2001


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Product Information

 MEIXIN Disposable Respirators

 Fearures and benefits:

1.Filtering face-piece respirator.


3.Adjustable nosepiece.

4.Facial foam.

5.Active Carbon Layer




These respirators maybe suitable for the following suggested applications(but are not limited to):

Dusts, fumes , mists and nasty odours.


1.The mask is in compliance with dolomite dust clogging test, it is fully metal free, light and comfortable.

2.The innovative SELF-SET technology allows self adjustment on the face without the help of the internal and external nosepiece.

3.The elastic bands slide along the mask to hang up the respirator around the neck when the mask is not used.

4.Structure and materials are long lasting and avoid the collapse in humid environments.

5.The additional layer of activated carbons allows to filter nasty odours.

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