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Fight Against Corona Virus

  • 29,Jan,2020【1261】

    To fight against the novel Corona Virus outbreak in China, Chinese government are taking very powerful and effective measures these days.

     Meixin Mask, as the leading disposable respirators manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, handed over 200,000 masks freely to the government to support the doctors who are fighting against the virus in Wuhan city. 

      On Jan. 28th, Chief Secretary of Jinhua Municipal Committee visited Meixin Mask factory, and said highly of we have done to fight against the virus, and offer solution to our difficulty that we are lack of workers during CNY holidays. 

     About 50 volunteers, most of them are colleague students on holidays, came to Meixin Mask factory on Jan. 29th.  After quick train, they put into work quickly and seriously, and hey would help us for free until they back school two weeks later.  

    The whole nation is united, we believer we will win the virus war very soon.