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Product Information

MEIXIN Disposable Respirators

Fearures and benefits:

1. Filtering face-piece respirator.

2. Single-use.

3.Adjustable nosepiece.

4.Facial foam.

5.Exhalation valve.

6.Simplex FFP1 Respirator

7.Filters at least 80% of particles in the air

8.Secure and comfortable for an easy fit



These respirators maybe suitable for the following suggested applications(but are not limited to):

For grinding, sanding, sweeping, dusty & hot operations.


 Dust Mask with adjustable aluminum nose clip makes wearing more sealless leakage .

 With latex-free elastic strap , soft nose liner , softer and fit the face .

 Easy-breathing valve makes breathing more smooth .

 Filters solid and liquid aerosols. Single-use.

 Conical shape. Adjustable nosepiece. Soft nose pad.

 Double elastic headband. Exhalation valve.

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