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Dolomite Masks


Dolomite Masks

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Product Information

MEIXIN Disposable Respirators

Fearures and benefits:


1.Filtering face-piece respirator.

2.Filters solid and liquid aerosols.


4.Adjustable nosepiece.

5.Buckle adjustment.

6.Facial foam.

7.Exhalation valve.


Product details

Material: non-woven polypropylene

Color: white

Classification: FFP3 NR D

Packing: 5/box,60/carton,each mask under individual polybag



1.The mask is in compliance with dolomite dust clogging test.

2.The ergonomic shell-shape mask grants a remarkable adherence to the face and a comfort suitable to daily use.

3.The shape of the half mask with an increased size reduces the breathing resistance thanks to a wider filtering surface and improves comfort considerably.

4.The seal along the whole mask frame provides an extreme adherence to the face.

5.There are no exposed metal components; the metal external nosepiece used to adjust the mask on the face is coated with flexible plastic.

6.Structure and materials are long lasting and avoid the collapse in humid environments.

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